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Genie Battery Back Up

Genie Battery Back Up Genie Battery Back Up When the power goes out, Genie power goes on!
Genie’s Battery Back Up unit offers peace-of-mind to homeowners who
want to be able to operate their garage door opener during a power outage.

Genie Battery Back Up Features

  • Up to 50 cycles in a 24-hour period after initial power outage
  • Color coded LEDs on the front of the unit show charge status(Green – ready-state; Yellow – charging or internal charge is low; Red – needs charged)
  • Several mounting options to choose from *
  • Optional accessory for TriloG and IntelliG® openers that can be purchased with operator or at a later time.(Ask your Genie dealer for more information)
  • Safety and security features continue to operate
  • 1-Year warranty from time of installation (See Owner’s Manual for details.)
  • Powered by Interstate Batteries®

Genie Battery Back Up Specifications

  • 8 AMP Hour sealed lead acid (SLA) battery
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ L x 5.27″ H x 5″ W
  • 7.8 lbs
  • Charged and powered by a 3′ connector cable between the opener and battery back-up unit

Genie Battery Back Up REPLACEMENT SEE BELOWGenie Battery Back Up
A.    Remove power to the opener (unplug or turn off breaker) and unplug Connection Cable from Battery Back-Up.
B.    Slide unit out of mounting bracket.
C.    Remove cover (4 screws).
D.    Slide connectors off battery.
E.    Remove old battery and insert its replacement.
F.    Attach connectors, RED (+) and BLACK (–),
to battery terminals.
G.    Replace cover (4 screws).
H.    Slide unit onto mounting bracket.
I.    Plug in Connection Cable.
J.    Plug in power cord.


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